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Friday, February 15, 2013

[Album] Do As Infinity - New World

Track listing

All lyrics written by D.A.I, all music composed by D.A.I, arranged by Do As Infinity & Seiji Kameda.
1."new world" (Album Mix)5:24
2."GURUGURU (Round and Round)"  4:16
3."Desire"  4:28
4."We are."  4:25
5."Snail"  5:02
6."Eien (永遠; Eternity)"  4:47
7."rumble fish"  4:07
8."Holiday"  3:24
9."135"  4:29
10."Wings 510"  4:41
11."SUMMER DAYS"  3:52
Bonus tracks in limited edition
12."Yesterday & Today(Strings Version)4:35

Source: Thx to Uploader 

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